Why Choose Bathtub Refinishing Over Replacement?

If you have a bathtub refinishing San Diego, shower, or sink that is unsightly, outdated, chipped, scratched, stained or has an unfavorable color, refinishing your bathroom fixtures is the most cost-effective and efficient way to get a new look without the expense, mess, and inconvenience of replacing them. In fact, refinishing your bathtub and shower is typically 75% to 90% less expensive than replacing it with a new one.

Whether you need to remodel your bath for personal use, or are getting ready to sell your home, tub refinishing is an affordable alternative that can have you looking like you bought a new tub for thousands of dollars less! Bathtub refinishing is also environmentally friendly, as it significantly reduces the amount of waste that goes into landfills.

Bathtub Refinishing in San Diego: Revitalize Your Bathroom

Our high-quality refinishing and bathtub reglazing products are low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and when the coating has set, is completely safe to use. While the refinishing process does create a slight odor, it will dissipate quickly. Your refinished tub or shower will be cured in 24 hours, and ready to use.

The main reason for choosing bathtub refinishing over replacement is that the refinishing process can often be done in just a day! It’s a great option when you have company coming or need the bathroom finished right away. In addition, the entire refinishing process is much less disruptive than a complete remodeling project. Replacement involves ripping out your old tub, potentially damaging your tile, and days or even weeks of construction noise and mess.