Using Floor Markings to Prevent Accidents and Injuries

The best safety investments you can make in a facility are often those that don’t cost a cent, such as floor markings. By clearly defining areas of your warehouse, you can prevent accidents and injuries by making it easy for employees to find their way. This

Whether it’s separating pedestrians from moving machinery, warning non-employees to stay out of a restricted area or marking pathways for trucks and equipment, floor striping is a simple solution to complex problems. Unlike paint, the tape used to create these markings doesn’t snag or leave a sticky residue when driven over by forklifts. Additionally, some of these tapes have reflective qualities to help them stand out in low- or no-light conditions.

Customized Floor Markings: Tailoring Solutions to Your Needs

With a variety of shapes available, it’s easy to establish a visual language on the facility floor that’s clear a glance. Use foot shapes to highlight walkways, arrows to convey the flow of materials, or T-shaped markings to show where products and pallets should be stored.

By using standardized colors and symbols to identify specific work areas or hazards, you can break down the barriers of language or cultural differences that might otherwise impede your workplace’s efficiency. Additionally, these identifiers can be quickly translated by first responders and visitors, making them a critical safety tool for a facility that operates in multiple locations. Keeping it simple is key to ensure that your employees and visitors understand the meaning behind each color. For this reason, limiting the number of colors you choose to use is important.