How to Validate Phone Numbers

validate phone numbers

Phone number validation is critical to ensure that your business has clean contact data and delivers an outstanding customer experience from signup. Incorrect or out-of-date contact information increases marketing costs, slows sales follow-up and hinders timely communications with customers and prospects. Invalid phone numbers are a waste of time and resources that could be better spent on more effective marketing and sales efforts.

Maintaining accurate phone number data is a time consuming and expensive task for most businesses. Invalid data causes delays in reaching potential and current customers, leads to costly mistakes and ultimately lowers conversion rates. Automated phone number validation tools are an excellent solution for ensuring that your data is error-free and can be used as intended, helping you maximize business performance.

Clean and Correct: How to Ensure Accuracy by Validating Phone Numbers Effectively

The best way to validate phone numbers is to use an API that checks the format of a number as it’s being entered. This helps reduce coding complexity and makes it easier to use international formats. A real-time API that validates a phone number while it’s being inputted will also show you the country of origin, type and carrier. It will also detect disconnected phone numbers and display them appropriately.

Many nonprofit organizations rely on bulk SMS to create awareness, request donations or engage with supporters. Invalid phone numbers are a major problem for these types of organizations. They spend valuable funds and resources sending messages to people who don’t own the phone number or are not interested in hearing from them. An automated phone number validation tool can help ensure that these messages are sent to the right recipients and can improve fundraising and outreach campaigns.