How to Increase Your Subaru Solterra Battery Size

When it comes to Subaru Volterra battery size, you will find that this is a very innovative vehicle that features an advanced drivetrain system that uses a potent electric motor and a lithium-ion battery pack. The result is a versatile and reliable vehicle that has an impressive driving range. However, factors like extreme weather and terrain can dramatically reduce your range. You can minimize these effects by following some simple tips.

One of the best ways to increase your range is by using a Level 2 charger at home. This can charge your car overnight and will cost around $1,000 for installation in a newer house. However, if you are not ready to invest in a Level 2 charger you can still charge your Subaru EV at a commercial location that offers Level 3 DC-Fast charging. This can recharge your Subaru EV from empty to 80% in less than an hour.

Subaru Solterra Battery Size: Key Specifications and Performance

You will also be able to use a standard 120V wall plug to charge your Subaru EV. Charging times vary depending on how much power is being used by the EV. If you are going to be driving on long trips, we recommend that you have a backup plan for your vehicle in case your battery runs out of power.

The 2023 Subaru EV is designed to handle both on-road and off-road adventures. It has 8.3 inches of ground clearance and short overhangs that allow it to go places traditional electric vehicles can’t. It has Subaru’s Symmetrical All Wheel Drive and X-mode, which lets you choose the right traction setting for the trail conditions ahead. Inside the comfortable cabin, you’ll find a variety of standard features, including the popular StarTex animal- and earth-friendly seating fabrics.