Certified Staircases UK


Certified Staircases UK are a leading staircase company, supplying high-quality timber and steel designs to suit any home. Their team of professionals are fully qualified to help with your stair design, building regulations, and more. They’ll also ensure that your staircase is fitted safely, meeting all safety standards. To find out more about their services, contact them today!Check this out :https://certifiedstaircases.co.uk/

When it comes to constructing a new staircase, builders must adhere to strict specifications laid out in the Building Regulations. This ensures that your stairs are safe to use and provides a means of escape in case of fire. These regulations include a minimum depth of step 220mm, maximum height of each step between 190mm and 220mm (except for loft conversions where the pitch can be reduced to 42°), a recommended width of 850mm and headroom on landing of 200mm or more.

Innovative Solutions: Advancements in Certified Staircase Technology in the UK

To be sure that your staircase complies with these specifications, it’s important to choose the right supplier. A reputable staircase manufacturer will provide comprehensive documentation showing that their products have been designed and tested to comply with UK building rules and legislative requirements, as well as ensuring that all wood used is sourced from responsible suppliers.

Staircases are an integral part of property development and a crucial element of any building project. Choosing the correct staircase at the planning stage can avoid costly on-site alterations and save time. It’s also vital that the staircase is delivered on time to prevent unnecessary storage expenses and avoid delays to the project timeline. A dependable staircase supplier will work closely with their supply chain to deliver on time, aligning delivery with your build schedule to optimize efficiency and mitigate profit leakage.