Breathwork Coach Training

Breath coach training is a powerful tool to help people reconnect with their breath and heal. It is a holistic approach that can have profound impacts in both personal and global wellbeing. As a breathwork coach you are an active agent of change by creating a nurturing space for individuals to deeply connect with their own breath and experience everything from gentle insights to transformative shifts. Through embodying and learning to guide breathwork for others you are also able to deepen your own practice and grow as a practitioner.

This training is open to anyone who wants to learn how to facilitate and teach breathwork to clients, students or groups in a safe, inclusive trauma aware way. It is ideal for those who already work as therapists, coaches, yoga teachers or other healing practitioners.

Best Breathwork Teacher Training Programs

Training covers a variety of breathing techniques with a focus on the Buteyko Method, an approach to controlled breathing that can be used for a wide range of health conditions. Training also includes a comprehensive module on the psychology of breathwork and how to support clients through emotional release.

Developing the skills to be an effective breathwork coach requires empathy and a genuine interest in helping people. The training emphasizes fostering meaningful connections with fellow trainees and building trustworthiness to establish a foundation for long-term relationships. It also teaches the importance of patience and encouraging client progress at their own pace. In addition, guidance on how to customize breathwork sessions for different client needs and interests is provided.